the morris dancers ( ! )


the morris dancers ( ! ) ( ( ! ) screcnad sirrom eht )

they live upon the fringes
like black eyed bus conductors

half within this whirl
fifty percent elsewhereish

perchance a c.a.m.r.a inn
on a cousin frequency

emerging when the chimes
knell them into eyesight

prancing like a hart
bobbing as a robin

on a beltane morn
or at the vicar’s garden party

men with wood clash
rod on rod action

erato wets her knickers
lost in mutant music

skipping like a scratched e.p
watch those bellends go

bobs on boxing day
in the corners of our vision thing

where the faeries play
games of hide & seek again

fading in & otherling
with their wonky radios

waving handkerchiefs
wafting white wraiths

what the folk are you?
what the folk is glowing on?

i’ve yet to catch a live one
& keep it in my net

they wriggle like a stickleback
then vanish as a phantom

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