pinch another punchline


pinch another punchline ( enilhcnup rehtona hcnip )

mizzle of a morn’
walking in the sheet
under scrumpled thunder
plodding sodden feet

piffle in the head
lead between the legs
scribble up a riddle
then the pencil smegs

‘neath the weaving skies
seeking eager egrets
herons in disguise

buds upon the bare
branches where the bears
crap within the copses
or the boxing hares

yes, the west is east
when the north is south
spinning in the midlands
muddles in the mouth

rabid rabbit’s white
’tis another moth
pinch another punchline
sigh & bugger off

blowing with the crows
flying as the bar
’til the spring is ringing
chiming like a star

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