twenty twenty toodleooh


twenty twenty toodleooh ( hooeldoot ytnewt ytnewt )

see the evening starlings

where the air is up

      walk a muddy path

      laughing like a mallard

wonder like a bra

can flying fish swim?

      can they see space

      from the great wall of china?

is the queen a bloke

with a royal todger?

      maybe, if prince phillip

      was her birthing ladyboy

anyways, the moon

is crooning of a future

      but the moon’s unjabbed

      & hasn’t had a booster

soon she shall be cancelled

selene in a gulag

      when the karens moan so

      sing before the storm

parp another parsnip

from the annal’s passage

      pen another then

      scratch your hairy annus

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