the internet


the internet ( tenretni eht )

the internet’s a troubadour
a storm trooper & a troll

the internet’s the biggest shill
in digital christendom

the internet’s a succubus
a geisha & a geek

the internet has seen you shave
y’ hairy arse & ankles

the internet’s a fire
a liar & lamia

the internet’s a parsnip
a portal & a star ship

the internet lures children
with rainbow lollipops

the internet’s a baiter
a beta & a bleep

the internet’s the shepherd
of all the jabber’s sheep

the internet’s a he-she
a zee & thingamee

the internet’s a karen
an andrew & a darren

the internet’s a cloud
a shrine & evening’s shroud

the internet’s alive
& kicking like a jackboot

the internet’s the ghoul
( divide the tribes & spool )

the internet’s a ghost
a shadow in the corner

the internet is not a friend
but never forgets a birthday

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