oh, my bloody rose


oh, my bloody rose ( esor ydoolb ym ,ho )

heaven made the sweetest devon maid
that a ragged wrongun i had seen
so the lutes & flutes of cupid played
i – a score & seven – you fifteen

but the grass was green in gloucestershire
then a wedding – when the law allowed
i, a builder – you, a prozzer dear
so your former parent’s disavowed

killing first when i were doing bird
after pinching pallets of a night
then a second shared, a screaming third
nine or more & shovelled under sight

murder then – the horses ‘gainst the shore
death, the sleepless nectar in the cup
’til the coppers knocked upon the door
then forensics dug the garden up

curtains then the journalists attack
skeletons arising like a sun
crows above us climbed the skyward’s black
singing songs of headless kingdom come

but the span of love is not a spree
as it ends & shit then hits the fan
’tis the blooming spark of ever-be
you inside – & i – the hanging man

writing of the reddish day’s again
dozing bones in sheets of silent soil
dancing in the petrichoral rain
bleeding ink beyond the portal’s coil

finger thoughts of i within your cell
picture me if myra’s in y’ bed
’til we fuck again in freezing hell
kisses, mrs. west – a phantom fred

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