tales from the dales & beyond


tales from the dales & beyond ( dnoyeb & selad eht morf selat )

in the land of the ram, in the mizzle ‘n’ fog
in the wank of the damp, in the blood of a bog
is a song t’be sung with a twist of a tongue
with a skip of a hare ‘n’ a hop of a frog

in the lair of the larks, in the dark of a moor
in the tale of a wraith with a phantom – or four
is a plot in a hole with a toad ‘n’ a mole
as the partridges crow & the peregrine soar

in the den of a then, in the when of a now
with the moo of a ewe ‘n’ the baa of a cow
with a dog of a bark – or a snarling of snark
is a vegetable man with a pen as a plough

in the scatters of splat, in the scribbles of sleep
on the trough of peak ‘n’ the top of the deep
is the whispering din of a hymn in a spin
in the land of the ram, in the kingdom of sheep

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