nearly notes


nearly notes ( seton ylraen )

back in five minions

i.o unicorns

to whom it may concerto

wet paint balls

so & so orangutan

but didn’t leave a number

pencil me innards

dinner’s in the other

gonorrhea fishing

chicken shit poem


chicken shit poem ( meop tihs nekcihc )

little rubber hen
rule the roost & jump the queue
peck the scattered corn

so the order falls
crow as if a waking cock
rising of a morn

like a feathered nob
choking as the bishops bash
catching not the pox

baring braver teeth
dare to be a rarer bird
fending off a fox

see who gives a cluck
by the side of speeding lanes
playing games with trucks

giz an egg – or two
strut the headless dance of death
– if you have the guts

jazz handstands


jazz handstands ( sdnatsdnah zzaj )

mid-feb messages
mars bar massage
black mass aftermath
lamestream bubble broth
off key offerings
witch hunt witterings
flu world order falls
masked men scurrying
dot them leopard spots
sea change paper plane
earwig cavaliers
round head trouser press
bean green fellaheen
sock drawer sorcery
pen then, pendragon
bright white bicycles

tales from the dales & beyond


tales from the dales & beyond ( dnoyeb & selad eht morf selat )

in the land of the ram, in the mizzle ‘n’ fog
in the wank of the damp, in the blood of a bog
is a song t’be sung with a twist of a tongue
with a skip of a hare ‘n’ a hop of a frog

in the lair of the larks, in the dark of a moor
in the tale of a wraith with a phantom – or four
is a plot in a hole with a toad ‘n’ a mole
as the partridges crow & the peregrine soar

in the den of a then, in the when of a now
with the moo of a ewe ‘n’ the baa of a cow
with a dog of a bark – or a snarling of snark
is a vegetable man with a pen as a plough

in the scatters of splat, in the scribbles of sleep
on the trough of peak ‘n’ the top of the deep
is the whispering din of a hymn in a spin
in the land of the ram, in the kingdom of sheep