them of s & m


them of s & m ( m & s fo meht )

keep a watchful eye
on the ones that banged the pots

put up banners, bunting
& waved their munting flags

those of twitching curtains
covid as jehovah

wanking with the doom
on the six o’clock snooze

happy in their muzzle-mask
gleeful little gimps

them of s & m
grassing up the wrong’uns

worshipping key workers
( keys can open or lock doors )

useful fleas & fodder
troopers of the gloom

busybody flesh-bots
seeking praise of others

squirming worms in tins
irksome village quislings

pillars of community
means pillocks of
the weasel wood

dead in all but paperwork

fred west lives
under their patio

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