the cousin of bread


the cousin of bread ( daerb fo nisuoc eht )

a breakfast friend

the cousin of bread

a knife in hand

& butter is spread

a scrunching lunch

a supper, a tea

with margarine

& runny honey

a scented star

the king of the crunch

a bed f’ beans

a pinch & a punch

the chief of charred

a hymn in the air

the king of crisp

& chairman of yeahhh

a fibrous sprite

a round of the brown

a glue f’ pooh

& gobble it down

a sort of nod

a cheer & a sup

& disappear

the bottoms of up

a slice of slang

for that which is done

the fucked, the dead

the buggered ‘n’ spun

a sign, a post

& rhymer of ghost

or northernmost

– this poem is toast

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