goodnight auntie


goodnight, auntie ( eitnua ,thgindoog )

she mewls & spools & spews

her dribble, dross & floss

a crippled morning yawns

& mizzled afternoons

are shite as creeping night

the day’s a double daze

in sinking shades of beige

& lumpen london’s greys

her snuffled evening snooze

a minion’s ministry

of george’s blooming truth

as two plus bloody two

is never ruddy four

it’s flippin’ five – divide

& hide from weasels – run

the ‘rona sniffles spin

a coma of a sun

her gloaming jokes are woke

& total scrotal wank

as saville’s rancid ghost

hangs over – seek & see

a flapping phantom black

a laughing rabid rat

she bit the feeding hand

& bleeding britain winced

the rotter’s coffers pinch

& this old, little bitch

can frig quisling herself

& leach not offa me

the rest is sweat in stone

a nave beneath a grave

so fuck the b.b.c

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