erom & rehtruf


erom & rehtruf  (  further & more  )


kiss this river mist
grow your own toenails
these are the tails
of a comet in the pocket
of a cabbage in the attic
& a pillock on a hillock
in a green & pheasant gland
underneath a blue cagoule
of a hierophantic sky
so the scatters in a graph
stick like jam in odds ‘n’ socks
yet the music’s mutant glue
is the lane upon the rain
& a phantom in the fro
so the layman lasers ray
lemon cheesy breezes crow
like a scribble on the chin
or an otter on the sun
while a stegosaurus snores
in a hall of rubber walls
yet the bend is roundabouts
& a leaden pencil shouts
– unsung bookworms
squirming in my library

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