a sinking song


a sinking song  (  gnos gniknis a  )

a sinking song, a creeping night

the squall is balls & caterwauls

a plumber in a vicarage

a bed of bugs - the evenings bite

the yawn is dew & dawn's a witch

a vista hymns a mutant hue

a daze the shade of pencil lead

a host of crows, a brimming ditch

within a wink, a blink, a nudge

the toast is burnt & babylon

an adder crawls - the pastures call

with leaden legs - a sodden trudge

upon a path, another page

the breezes blow, an orchard snows

& apples dance a reelsome eight

a squirm of worms & fade to beige

or thereabouts - the ups of down

a splosh upon a puddle's pond

the ripples of october's ghost

a woodland in a gown of brown

the cracks of black beyond the green

the wheat is gold - this dream is old

a roman nose, a saxon tongue

an undercoat, a submarine

the hobbled hymn of shrinking moons

an ode upon a stool of toad

a leaky lea of avalon

the stuff of swans - brunhilda croons

a canticle, the ding of dong

the strut of ruts & stag along

the mist of picts & pickle on

within the mist - a sinking song



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