a sinking song


a sinking song  (  gnos gniknis a  )

a sinking song, a creeping night

the squall is balls & caterwauls

a plumber in a vicarage

a bed of bugs - the evenings bite

the yawn is dew & dawn's a witch

a vista hymns a mutant hue

a daze the shade of pencil lead

a host of crows, a brimming ditch

within a wink, a blink, a nudge

the toast is burnt & babylon

an adder crawls - the pastures call

with leaden legs - a sodden trudge

upon a path, another page

the breezes blow, an orchard snows

& apples dance a reelsome eight

a squirm of worms & fade to beige

or thereabouts - the ups of down

a splosh upon a puddle's pond

the ripples of october's ghost

a woodland in a gown of brown

the cracks of black beyond the green

the wheat is gold - this dream is old

a roman nose, a saxon tongue

an undercoat, a submarine

the hobbled hymn of shrinking moons

an ode upon a stool of toad

a leaky lea of avalon

the stuff of swans - brunhilda croons

a canticle, the ding of dong

the strut of ruts & stag along

the mist of picts & pickle on

within the mist - a sinking song



crack black saturday


crack black saturday  (  a  p o e m  )

black crack saturday

braining in the grey

chip chop, flip flop

clatter cabaret

trapclap kangaroo

prattle avenue

waxing, waxwing

saddle addle shoe

splashback alibi

scatter in the scry

phantoms, bantams

clucker clutter eye

bat flap faculty

gander galaxy

gooses, nooses

babble badger me

whip crack cadillac

adders in a sack

measles, weasles

magnets on y' back

pat shat cattle pen

patter petal wren

puddles, bubbles

singing sands & then

hopscotch otter trots

spangles in y' knots

scrumping, stumping

humping camelot

am-dram hammer throw

shatter afterglow

inking, sinking

natter as yuh go