musical glue gun


musical glue gun  (  nug eulg lacisum  )


musical glue gun

twigs are my lighters

sing in the woodland

this is a stick-up

bees on the breezes

ribs are marimbas

rumbles of thunder

snakes in the breaks


birds in a notebook

worms in a cancan

dancing the ant stuff

up on a hillock

over the clover

this is the good sheet

bells in the dingle

knell in the spring


weep with the onions

settle on petals

thistles & nettles

tuffets & trumpets

mizzle minerva

sulis is sunken

ballads & brambles

autumn & fall


reeds in the marshes

parps in the garden

zephyrous zithers

plucking a string vest

pan in the pantry

blowing a crumpet

under a blue sun

- musical glue gun



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