the arm’s afoot


the arm’s afoot  (  soahk fo steet eht gniklim  )

streaming leeks & springing onions

dragons nap in beetle dungeons

bubbles, squeaks & pickled bunions

thunder rumbles under eaves

spitting creaks & twisted rivers

swarms of hornets, curtain twitchers

roman yeoman, village shitters

norman orphans, saxon reeves

bladder rasps & flapping adders

hopping otters, shropshire ladders

missing marbles, hanging daggers

hark - the yarns of weasel's weaves

trees & creepers, eager beavers

swirls of dervish, scraps of aethers

princes, paupers, sauls & peters

battered badgers - thick, as thieves

apple pips & blackened chapels

snots & sonnets - gasps of rabbles

judges slamming wooden gavels

winter wings as autumn leaves

missing parcels, posts & pillars

scraps of shrapnel, shards of mirrors

caterwauling clatterpillars

garden gnomes - with hoes & heaves

jack the ripper's jam & chutneys

mister whippy's magic monkeys

damocles's rubber duckies

reapers of the shim & sheave

squirming worms & cans of peaches

silver service, golden fleeces

purple patches, puzzle pieces

up the creases

of y' sleeves


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