elihwnaem  (  a  p o e m  )

chickens clucked & pigeons cooed

farmers aared as pirates oohed

florists bloomed & forests greened

peasants pecked as pheasants preened

onions wept & pipers panned

cheeses rolled as breezes fanned

rivers ran & traffic crawled

otters swam as doctors scrawled

nettles stang & bishops bashed

kettles sang as rabbits dashed

gossips gobbed & curtains twitched

butchers hacked as bloggers bitched

adders danced & badgers barked

buzzards buzzed as finches larked

salmon leapt & lemons sucked

lepers scratched as pandas fucked

islands hopped & lions roared

monkeys spanked as fungi spored

while you dribbled in your nap

& the vicar caught the clap



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