in the prussian embassy


in the prussian embassy  (  b a s e d  o n  a  t r u e  d a y d r e a m  )

fred is spinning on the decks

fritz's hits as marbles march

in this sort of tardis lark

yonder hops a hare

ninjas, drinks & nibbles stuff

twiglets, frisps & monster munch

junkers drunk & thunder-skunk

lizards lick a pear

bumbles in the jungle's jig

robins robbing robin hood

noah's ghost & sun tzu too

thunder frilled the air

dances on the desert sands

roses in the blizzard's snow

gleamings in the forest's green

squirrels shit a bear

flies from east silesia

anne of cleeves & damocles

elephants - electric eels

shocking old voltaire

in the prussian embassy

hobnobbing ambassadors

peasants, punks & hobgoblins

- everyone was there



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