spawning has spoken


spawning has spoken  (  n o t e s  f o r  t h e  n o s y  )

biscuits are broken

hum is a buzzard

clutter & cloven

cattle's the grid

cranberry clatter

kilowatt custard

raspberry badger

prattle y' lid

horses are trojan

pheasants are flemish

gloam as a roman

gander the glean

goggles & trotters

tentacle tennis

otters off rockers

green as a bean

woodlands are oaken

orreries swirling

quarrels of bowman

bolting the blue

robins & sparrows

goblins are gurning

stick to y' shadow

seal it with glue

spawning has spoken

sun spurs the sporing

flutter & blowguns

babble's the blurred

daze for the sinking

maze for the morning

haze for the singing

hymn spins the bird



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