swerve the verve


swerve the verve  (  s o m e  s p a wn  o f  a  l o w e r  –  s t a r  )

curdle herbal languages

bumbles burr the mumble me

curtain scrawls & sandwiches

circles spur a swirling curve

warble pickle piccolos

whistle wars the apple tree

tingle sings in little toes

hit a brick & shit a nerve

twizzle sickle cigarette

spidery spins binary

blister sister inner-sweat

lepers deck the des-reserve

silent singer glistening

fiddles scry the finder's flea

easel tiger christening

winter withers - spring's a perv'

muffle truffle castaway

melons of the lemon scree

seven shepherd cabaret

shuffle shoes a tennis serve

gargle gaggle avenue

jibbering as garden peas

jabber ladder latitude

sputter nutter dust deserves

swans upon a pantomime

fishes in the fission sea

mother earth & frankenstein

marbles jar as jam preserves

limber licker liquorice

hurtle gurns the gurgle key

blubber rubber river fish

piss a swish & swerve the verve


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