bread holes & ket rolls


bread holes & ket rolls  (  a  p o e m z  )

lawn scrolls & dead bowls

& shed in the hedgerow

war in the warbles

& swell in the yellow

flip foals & spring poles

& cook in the cuckoo

badge in the badger

& cash in the cashew

oak shoals & fish knolls

& rot in the forest

rat in the rattle

& drop in the porridge

bridge voles & bank trolls

a spot in the hopscotch

ship in the bishop

& hop in the swashed pot

road coal & hot tolls

a stash in the ashtray

rake in the baker

& ash in the sashay

bread holes & ket rolls

a toe in the thrown seed

pea in the peasant

& bone in the nosebleed


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