what, no poem?


what, no poem? (  u n a s h a m a b l y  f o n d  o f  t h e  r h o m b i  )

the wind whisked the drafter

the frog clogged the flapper

the fog frisked the menthol

the crab grabbed the pencil

the boat sank the river

the slab cracked the mirror

the oat killed the onion

the shite chimed with bunion

the creak shat the paddle

the cat spat the babble

the imp nipped the riddle

the chimp sipped the piddle

the ant danced the aether

the pant thatched the weaver

the plug pulled the puddle

the mug wooled the huddle

the day dazed the noodle

the fudge smudged the doodle

the mole holed the bucket

the rat spat the fuck-it

the dog slurped the muesli

the cow chewed the qwerty

the cloud drowned the cow - aye

the squid ink ran dr



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