in duffel’s coat


in duffel’s coat  (  a n o t h e r  p o e m  )

torpor, toggle, woggle on & breeze

dawdle doors in nobble's knees

mortar, water, hobble hop & bees

choral caws in portal's keys

dangle, tangle, avalon & on

bramble blinks in squinter's swan

mangel, spangle, mangle map & gone

jingles jig in sing-a-song

apple, gravel, grapple grasp & gasp

adders asp in ladder's rasp

babbles, battles, babylon & clasp

crackles snap in cackle's grasp

shuffle, knuckle, carnival & stoat

ruffles goat in puzzle's smoke

muffle, marble, barnacle & boat

bubbles float in duffel's coat



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