fluster pops


fluster pops  (  a n o t h e r  p o e m  )

apples, babbles, battleaxe & castles

rattles, chapels, parallax & paddles

poodles, noodles

feudal student strudels

barrels, mammals, haversacks & shackles

pencils, pebbles, devil debts & trebles

eccles, speckles, vessel wrecks & freckles

lemurs, femurs

bumble beaver weavers

stencils, temples, metal fence & nettles

bubbles, muddles, smuggle ups & snuggles

scuttles, shovels, knuckle nuts & doubles

cymbals, tingles

twinkle spindle dingles

puddles, pummels, shovel dust & shuffles

prickles, nipples, slipper mats & wriggles

skittles, spittles, river mats & ripples

onions, luncheons

sunken cousin bunions

skittles, fiddles, inner-flaps & pickles



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