caterpillar chorus


caterpillar chorus  (  a  o n e  ,  a  t w o  –  a  o n e  ,  t w o  ,  t h r e e  ,  f o u r  )

sickle sizzle mistletoe

toper motor marbles

bristle whistle indigo

solar grocer garbles

suckle puddle bubble pop

scnozzle nozzle goggles

shuffle knuckle rubble hop

huddle fuddle fossils

saddle babble battleship

sputter nutter axles

crackle cackle apple pip

butter gutter satchels

speckle bevel nettle-noon

spooner lunar lupus

leaven lemon lead balloon

sputum pewter mucus

seven scented sentinel

whisker twister wizards

velum vented vegetable

sister blister blizzards

squinter limber scatter graph

atom-spitter walrus

ginger ninja anorak

caterpillar chorus



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