down dale


down dale  (  a  p o e m  s t r o k e  s o n g  )

heather & weather

a vat in the view

mirrors mist mizzle on moors,

pheasants & peasants

a rat in the shrew

puddles mud fuddles on tors

hillocks & pillocks

a hare in the chill

mackerels wreak haddock at heights,

apples & battles

a pear in the swill

bantams snare phantoms at nights

ruffles & truffles

a stoat in the coat

muffles mud scuffles up slopes,

adders & ladders

a gnat in the goat

squirrels spit riddles up oaks

hoodlums & woodlands

a glade in the glen

squinter squits drizzle then sings,

weasel & teasel

a page in the pen

portals pore water then wings

dingles & shingles

a step in the spring

kettles sing nettles of braes,

quivers & rivers

a spin in the sing

feathers fleck speckles of daze

wizards & blizzards

a thorn in the stride

tangles spat brambles in me,

echoes & yellows

a hedge in the mind

evergreen bees in the lea


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