another ruddy sunday poem


another ruddy sunday poem  (  a  r o n s e a l  t i t l e  )

chocolate, sockets, turpentine & wine

chunder dogs the pavement cracks

pockets, lockets, table twine & twine

thunder frogs the drayman's scraps

puddles, paddles, barrel axe & spells

bubmble whips the glugs o' tea

bubbles, battles, cattle tracks & bells

jumble mugs the spindle tree

cartons, clippers, riverbank & flow

tartan paints the garden shed

carbon, knickers, stickleback & blow

marmalade - the farmer shred

otters, dribbles, tentacles & eyes

scribbles hymn the laser's gun

potters, piddles, sentinels & skies

wriggles ink the daze of sun


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