porridge forage


porridge forage  (  a  p o e m  &  a  m e s s  )

mumbles, tangles - bramble jam the jar

jungles, dangles, bumblebee & tree

rambles, scrambles - apple crab the spar

trundles, rundles, glimmer-shim & lea

meadows, echoes - riverbank the brook

bellows, hedgerows, raptor-map & scanned

flutter, frescoes - tenter hook the crook

nutter, yellows, rubber ducks & bands

heather, blether - weather green the root

crooked, hooded, wooded track & trail

golden, y'olden - ever-gleams the shoot

feather, footed, moorland, tor & veil

latches, scratches - pasture patch the scrap

herbal, verbal, curdle crow & notes

petals, nettles - circles turn the flap

hatches, hurdles, burble blow & oats



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