for poetry’s cake


for poetry’s cake  (  a  p o e m  ,  n a t u r a l l y  )

i gravel the sand & vale the vee

i shawl up the shore & squawk the bee

as beacons then dirge & birds then thigh

in birch of that nurse that gurns the key

i fodder the east & sod the north

i session the priest & flask the hordes

as leopards pull wool & bulls then rye

the plankest of pines that sink the forth

i bastard the bands & crow the snow

i easel the breeze & reel the toe

as guilders brick balls & squall it fries

& pluck-all tit mauls so on eye glow

i muffle the south & vest the west

i trouser the flap & shat the x

as catheters dust & cackles pie

for poetry's cake - oh, swan i crest



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