egg’s the feb


egg’s the feb  (  a  p o e t r y  )

wobble's the cobbles of cob's the web

talon's the salmon & spit's the spawn

speckle's the settle as shell's the tread

enter's the tenter & dog's the dawn

warble's the chorus of thaw's the thread

muddle's the puddle & ear's the corn

puzzled's the porpoise as leg's the ebb

leopard's the shepherd & shear's the shorn

blubber's the lovers of lead's the head

stencil's the pencil & mud's the morn

riddle's the scribbles as spurt's the spread

bubble's the muddles & bud's the brawn

blathers the badgers of breath's the dead

patter's the pastures & yew's the yawn

ruffle's the rooster as egg's the feb

para's the trooper & storm's the form



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