on the twelves again


on the twelves again  (  a  p o e m  )

sing a spring of bristles in the fair of the fowl

ale a dale of dingles in the woof of the dog

wheeze a breeze of weasels in the glare of the owl

whale a sail of symbols in the hood of the nod

buzz a fuzz of numbers in the toes of the tor

stamp a lick of letters in the box of the hare

rose a thorn of summers in the nose of the storm

string a vest of sweaters in the knots of the snare

slap a smash of cymbals in the flap of the fly

spin a squid of sybils in the nip of the cat

shat a pat of bullion in the wool of the eye

in a wisp of whistles in the blink of the bat


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