ampersands & amber


ampersands & amber  (  a  r e w r i t e  )

conkers war the canker

copper ores & anchors

porpoise plod the purpose

horsing forth & canters

happy slaps the campers

apple crabs & slander

heaven eggs the nervous

thunder thumbs & clamber

lizards lane the camber

blizzard brains & answers

teeters tree the quercus

phantoms oak the scamper

razors shave the panda

fairylands & ramblers

gurning gums the girders

hairy hands & scramblers

anther pants the panthers

scatter rants & hamsters

such ado the surplus

cousin shrew & dancers

panzers tank the tanka

semaphore & samba

summer spurs the murmurs

waddle forth & gander

stagger stags the stanzas

lantern lit & antlers

candles can the squirmers

ladder steps & wranglers

scuffle knees the wankers

bubble bees & lancers

fleeing from the circus

ampersands & amber


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