cabbage mathematics


cabbage mathematics  (  t r u t h  v e r s u s  e l s e  )

swell snake hundred

& sixty nine

dot hive two bee

slimes forty five

plus whitsun eve

lopsided by

the tonal sums

of easter's sines

bus screw thoudsand

& scrappy eights

as tawny owls

they congregate

spines socks spot three

spit six four eight

a swishing swell

& your mums face

in sparks of charts

& tardy twos

as weasels wheeze

& pop their shoes

in chimes of nine

not twenty too

the kitchen sink

or timbuktu

so nowt note nowt

clangs phantom bells

& tree french hens

shout not a yell

sequels a tail

swan cannot spell

i'm tankful hat

there is snow hell



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