a quilt of onions


a quilt of onions  (  a  t r u e  s t o r y  )

a quilt of onions skinned the sky

that whiffed the breeze & fluffed the fly

that greened the queen & cuffed the sty

that whipped the twig & piled the pi

a flock of thimbles flossed the town

that clocked the frock & tossed the gown

that maimed the dame & dossed the crown

that pegged the head & legged the drown

a purse of adders purred the pea

that preened the dean & fogged the bee

that winds the minds & flogs the tree

that spills the quills that dog the scree

a thatch of brambles bapped the bun

that spanked the wind & panned the nun

that stung the stalk & tongued the nun

that yawned the war & snort the nun

a fence of foxgloves fudged the air

that nudged the witch which smudged the snare

that snowed the crow & poached the fayre

that coughed the broth & fucked the mayor

a star of parsnips stirred the bend

that sparred the guard & slurped the wend

that spat the ant & burped the blend

that danced the plants & shat the end



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