six for tricks


six for tricks  (  a ? )

as serpents sprawl & curtains crawl

& soldiers sod & plod the on

as otters toss & squab the squall

in waves of whale & songs of gone

as whiskers wisp & trail the trawl

- it's one for scrawl & scrawl for one

as dorsal fins & morsels swim

& pincers ping & crab the pew

as portals stroke & poke the chin

in cycle spokes & cite the shrew

as silver silks & skims the skin

- it's two for glue & glue for two

as feathers pen & embers wren

& eagles peck & buzz the bee

as weasels scheme & gleam the glen

in cloaks of oak & smoke the tree

as fuddles fuzz & cluck the hen

- it's three for key & key for three

as brokers snare & poachers pear

& rotors hare & sight the sore

as steeples sleep & knight the mare

in slumber tongue & fight the snore

as circles whirr & spur the air

- it's four for door & door for four

as acres run & lasers gun

& raisins rum & hum the hive

as polka dots & spots the sun

in specks of swan & tests the drive

as whispers whisk & frisk the nun

- it's five for dive & dive for five

as carbon dates & gardens gate

& sharpen straights & ticks the list

as darken dims & spins the plate

in shapes of ape & spits the mist

as feathers fleck & check the mate

- it's six for tricks & tricks for six


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