whittles in me pickles


whittles in me pickles  (  r h y m e s  l a t e  2 0 1 7  )

pincers crab the apples

drizzle spits the spittle

feathers fluff the ruffles

topples in me skittles

whispers witch the cackles

yeoman blow the whistles

tossers cock the shuttles

wingers in me dribbles

guessers grasp the grapples

fuckers bone the brittle

grocers sprout the brussels

tingles in me tickles

even songs the chapels

builders shit the brickle

shimmer shims the shuffles

swindles in me swivels

thunder storms the castles

weasels stream the trickles

doubters snout the truffles

hammers in me sickles

burbles squirm the squiggles

dabblers dab the dapple

winter coats the duffel

nibbles in me quibbles

dodgers jam the raffel

triggers kiss the pistols

buskers miss the bustle

muddles in me mickles

spinners bowl the battles

sibyls mist the riddles

burbles burst the bubbles

whittles in me pickles




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