plods in frost


plods in frost  (  s i x t e e n  l i n e s  o f  s a l t  f o r  t h e  s e a s o n e d  )

the cocks are crows - or so folk say

& egg's the head as shell's the lay

the snorts are mare & noughts are flossed

as autumn's chair it rocks in lofts

the bells are bats as cats they stray

& scrap's the flaps as bailed's the hay

the sun is spun & spurts of toss

& mint's the crisp as gobs are sloshed

the pen is swans & songs of splay

& slurred's the earth as curd's the whey

the span has ploughed & shroud's the croft

& farmed's the palm as hands are swashed

the die is iced & slide's the brae

& skimmed's the air as winds they flay

the squidge is dead - we've lost the squash

it's crunch in tread & plods in frost




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