( my other x is a spot marked i )


( my other x is a spot marked i )  (  2 4 0  s y l l a b l e  r e a d  )

cabbage splats of shattered glass & broken bottle screws

savage spats of parrot flaps & token cockatoos

tattered scraps of scattered maps & goner bomber crews

pottered on in pigeon slacks & utter otter shoes

biscuit bits of trickled drips & honey puddle dew

twisted wisps of fingertips & sunny muddle through

wicket whips of knelling bells & steamy kettle spew

singing songs of mirror lands & hopscotch rendezvous

highland flings of salmon leaps & howling kangaroos

silent drips of gallons leak & drowning avenues

pilot tings of roaming toads & greasy elbow glue

seeking self & sensing sen as misted meadows rue

endless bends of roman roads & gusting prussians blue

restless ends of john o'groats & thrusting timbuktus

headless blends of hazy daze & dusty residue

meet again & kiss the rain then cue that déjà vu



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