hoops ‘n’ scoops


hoops ‘n’ scoops  (  s o m e  u t t e r  f i l t h  )

it's wobble pith in sputtered spots & nozzle nips in puddle jots

& ampersands in whisky whys

& tumbleweed

 'tween gypsy thighs

it's ombudsman in vested knots & winter wrens in crested socks

& geminis in taurus skies

& trawlermen

in fishnet tights

it's troubadours in you-know-whats & sycamore in cuckoo clocks

& violins in thimble thighs

& milking maids

with alibis

it's poltergeists in polka dots & dignitaries in stolen frocks

& buzzard spies with eager eyes

the raptor press

shall feast tonight



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