autumble  (  a  p o e m  f o r  . . .  )

the fields have fledged - their crops have flown

& hog's the hedge as feet they roam

the barns are calm & lofts are hay

as trees they swirl & fade to crone

the hills seem green - the mares are roan

& hares they snore as spores are sewn

the dogs are frogs - the cats are strays

as clouds they shroud & mouths they foam

the ponds are splosh if rocks are thrown

& bird's the blur as earth's the tone

the doves are rooks or so folk say

as wraiths they stir & ghosts they groan

the land is sleep - the stones are bones

& nights they creep to fight the gloam

the plod is fog in socks of grey

as songs are sung & winds are blown




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