like sofa sales


like sofa sales  (  a  p o e m  f o r  f r i d a y  )

ram the speak of trampled trails in flopping flocks of one

span the bleak of amber ales in spattered spits of songs

steam the train of rusty rails in signet rings of swan

huff the chuff of gusty gales & gander geese the gone

bang the pang of rusty nails in pastures of the wise

slang the damn of sliding scales in fractures of the skies

twirl the whirl of curly kale in wrinkles of an eye

ride the slime of racing snails & briefly pause for pie

seek the throngs of burning bales in raging fogs of yon

beak the gongs of quirky quails in piffle pecks of bong

spook the toes of ghostly tales in tickled ticks of wrong

scold the holes in buckets pale & fuck it - stroll some on

tread the troughs of peakland dales in sunken plods of high

head the flight of soaring whales in puzzled thoughts of why

flap the vast of vacant vales in quaking shapes of rise

live your life like sofa sales & never then you'll die


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