hovercraft & hoverflies


hovercraft & hoverflies  (  b l a m e  w e d n e s d a y  m o r n i n g  )

hovercraft & hoverflies

ostriches & ostracised

chimney sweeps in valleys deep

runny specks & eggy skies

sandwiches & samurais

languages & amplified

mumble speak in bumbled beats

tungsten tongues & alibis

mistletoe & geminis

little toes & petrified

stony sheep on bony streets

woven threads & windsor ties

honesty & alkali

odysseys & glassy eyed

golden geese as prophecies

possibly & on-the-sly

neutral newts & lizard lies

brutal boots & hypnotised

thought police in need of quiche

trigger tricks & stimuli

bubble wrap & butterflies

muddled flaps & lullabised

rhapsodies on wanker sheets

apple pips & battle cries



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