gash in the attic


gash in the attic  (  a  p o e m  )

gash in the attic & pies in the charts

stats in the static & fire in the spark

vests in the vestry

& quest in the west

roams in the romans & loans in the sharks

pants in the pantries & art in the heart

ants in the ante & flip in the chart

bells in the belfries

& heads in the mess

shit in the shih tzu & stabs in the dark

chucks in the chuckles & mirth in the lark

piss in the puddles & birth in the mark

pests in the pesto

& cress in the crests

slob in the bollocks & balls in the park

logs in the bloggers & dogs in the bark

crunch in the numbers & hunts in the snark

scorn in the crow's nest

& pith in the zest

licks in the limericks & stops in the starts



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