ampersands & amber


ampersands & amber  (  n o n s e n s e  2 0 1 7  )

conker wars & cankers

boaty throats & anchors

porpoises of purpose

horsing forth in canters

thunder claps & clambers

apple crabs & slanders

heaven eggs the nervous

happy-slap the campers

lizard lanes & cambers

buzzard brains & answers

quiz a tree of quercus

oak a ghost then scamper

hairy hands & scramblers

fairy lands & ramblers

gurning gums as girders

razors shave the pandas

ante pants & panthers

scanty rants & hamsters

such ado the surplus

bandy stands & dancers

honey bees & lancers

scummy knees & wankers

fleeing from the circus

ampersands & amber



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