thirteen’s dirt-clean


thirteen’s dirt-clean  (  c a s h b a c k  )

twinkle judas

silver shower

golden shit 'ole

scaffold polish

under thunder

mud & diamonds

rabbits wiping

feet on feathers

kettle weather

teacups gleaming

teens & sinking

baker's dozen

( dung 'n' dusted )



shave the captain


shave the captain  (  t h e  n o t  i  )

spun's the sung as hang's the catkin

rub the duck & scratch the backspin

dazed's the day as string's the fiddle

spill the quill & sheet the satin

quid's the pro as quo's the latin

rose the dog & dodge the gatlin

heat's the nose as grill's the griddle

toe the flow & feet the famine

sheep's the speak as creased's the napkin

tongue the rung & bung the chaplain

rain's the lane as drum's the drizzle

match the bat & catch the last in

whirr's the spur as ant's the admin

dance the prick & dick the hatpin

whip's the ship as slip's the nipple

serf the wave & shave the captain



turnip wars & turpentine


turnip wars & turpentine ( a true story in scraps )

turnip wars & turpentine

smashing boars & borderlines

scabby knees & monkey cheese

crumbled walls where ivy climbs

lizard tongues & alkaline

acid licks & lichtenstein

a.b.c's & antifreeze

echo through the chorus line

chickenpox & melon vines

paradigms & minus signs

rotting peas & tossing seas

winter hides in summertime

belfry bats & calamine

plastic pants & pantomimes

ropy trees & smoky keys

broken bits of biscuit rhymes


odd bless this grim


odd bless this grim ( a trueish story )

the dales are veils - the hills are still

the sun has paled beneath this grey

that here wassails & wails its will

from vaults above upon this fray

the rain is hail - the sleet is sheet

the clouds are shrouds of drunken dim

the gale exhales & quakes the wheat

no bird is heard within this brim

the quail has bailed - my quill has chilled

its ink has failed as curates pray

for gold & ale & sleep & pills

as trees sweat on & mad dogs stray

the nails are snails - the streams are streets

the cats are hounds - the wind has limbs

these days i crave - their taste is sweet

my frown they drown - god bless this grim


all schooled out


all schooled out by dangle dingle dingle dangles

if poetry told you

to jump off a cliff

onto the hard rocks

oh so far below

or rob a bookies

stockings 'n' sawn-offs

' give us your money '

I hope you'd say no

if poetry told you

to throttle mother

then your stepbrother

in some mad kill fit

then please ignore it

poetry's wicked

the dark beyond us

a true little shit