bakewell tartaria


bakewell tartaria ( airatrat llewekab )

bakewell tartaria

a frangipan land

      with raspberry jam

      & flaky butter pastry

the almonds of yore

with rivers of custard

      a pudding erased

     ( as seen in daydreams )

the internet’s abuzz

– of course they still had teatime

      during all them mud floods

      in the daze of yon

so put the kettle on

& let the steam scream

      drool on a stool

      & type yourself normalzzz

prod the phantom veil again

flee the cave unchained

      smoke another bifter

      sing a wanker song

a flan for all seasons

for truthers with sweet tooths

      & pubes upon their palms

      who think this egg’s a dome

( nob’eads )

( author notes )

this poem is dedicated to the late archbishop desmond tutu

who’s now in heaven with his father, desmond one one

so thoughts & prayers to his wife, mrs. tutu

& their lovely baby boy, desmond three three

– long live the desmonds

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