light be there let


light be there let  ( tel ereht eb thgil  )


can the goblins see me?

but the wind is plasticine

she is not an octopus

then the seventh century

soaring with the goshawks

underneath the garden

are there swans in swansea?

on a magic carpet

born before the cod wars

february the fifty fifth

farmers farting parsnips

bees in aberdeen

sod a soggy michaelmas

yet the lemon cheesecake

sings another songbook

love me like a mayfly














smashing ( some poetry sheet stuff sheet poem )

as fathead hemlock sparrows whales

& cottage combat jigsaws snails

as bootleg chieftains swarm the sprite

& twenty werewolves probe the dales

as blistered gypsies bumper balls

& vacant hipbones portal walls

as hittite hopscotch flops the night

& heatstroke beeswax warps the sprawl

as killjoy gymnasts blunt the quail

& northern pinwheels stump the ale

as hellfire hunchbacks guild the kite

& sacred crayons rib the gale

as shotgun whitsuns goat the scrawl

& potluck penguins coat the shawl

as freckled foghorns frog the blight

i sit & watch - absorb it all


broccoli & mortal sins


broccoli & mortal sins ( a 20 second read of poem )

broccoli & mortal sins

portals call as portents spin

pheasants strut as red deer rut

kiss a wish then let's begin

soothsayers & dorsal fins

toxic waste & safety pins

wild bees putt as golfers sup

conjoined twins stroke double chins

farriers & haunted inns

troubled pubs & sheepish skins

badgers tut at monkey nuts

puffins swoon in loony bins

dangled limbs & water wings

piffle sings - assorted things

brim my cup when bogged or stuck

crackin' up or crackin' in

( ? )

fuck knows



absent dawn


absent dawn ( some rhymes for sunday etc. )

the sky was green - the sheep were clouds

the owls were air in hot balloons

the hens were clucked - the wren was loud

the goldfinch licked the silver spoon

the sun was pun - the land was sway

the badgers bastard out the tunes

the hedges edged - the horsefly neighed

at oafish newts with attitude

the bleak was well - the rooks smoked crows

the polecats pranced in pantaloons

the snails were whales - the lanes were toads

& nice 1 cried the riping moon

the hills weren't ill - the deer were fawn

the mood was baboons on bassoons

but where were you? oh, absent dawn

you missed a cracking afternoon


scarz ‘n’ tales


scarz ‘n’ talez ( a poem )

the brambles ripped off bits of skin

the nettles stang my snow-pale knees

the blackthorn left its wicked mark

the wasps kicked off then came the bees

the pollen rushed right up my nose

above my head - a buzzard soared

then duly shat upon my hat

the sun did blear - my eyes are sore

the ravens crowed a blackish din

& sappy wept the woodland trees

the hemlock rashed - things could be worse

i'm more odd socks than socrates

the goose grass stuck to sweaty clothes

the ants attacked as hornets swarmed

still breathing though - yeah, all's so so

it's summertime - it's war outdoors



blue bewail song


blue bewail song ( squint & it’s a bastard tapestry )

your hamster's toast, your ghost has flown

your weasel's popped, your lemon's sucked

your badger's burst, your adder's cursed

your band has split, your chicken's clucked

your orchard's dust, your monkey's nuts

your whistle's drowned, your bile is duct

your owl has howled, your vole is hole

your robin's hood, your friar's tucked

your horse is norse, your pasta's past

your art is arse, your car is trucked

your wings have flapped, your ring has shat

your peas are mush, your strings are plucked

your cousin's fine, your well is dry

your goose is moose, your quack has ducked

your heaven's bread, your slugs have fled

it's just your luck - ha ha - you're fucked