blue bewail song


blue bewail song ( squint & it’s a bastard tapestry )

your hamster's toast, your ghost has flown

your weasel's popped, your lemon's sucked

your badger's burst, your adder's cursed

your band has split, your chicken's clucked

your orchard's dust, your monkey's nuts

your whistle's drowned, your bile is duct

your owl has howled, your vole is hole

your robin's hood, your friar's tucked

your horse is norse, your pasta's past

your art is arse, your car is trucked

your wings have flapped, your ring has shat

your peas are mush, your strings are plucked

your cousin's fine, your well is dry

your goose is moose, your quack has ducked

your heaven's bread, your slugs have fled

it's just your luck - ha ha - you're fucked


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