swans upon a dream


swans upon a dream  (  maerd a nopu snaws  )

floating over frozen fog

as the babbles blow

life is but a butter bean

grab y' boat & row

like a bot & dot the dots

spot the rubber ball

bite the silver bulletin

nap's a caterwaul

otters of the otherlings

bumbles of a bee

river in this prosody

stumble up a tree

ocean in the ghost above

trains upon the brain

jacobites & ammonites

dancing in the rain

fist the mist of saturday

spin with saturn's rings

sail the seas of mercury

til the onion springs

singing in the feathered head

swans upon a dream

crooning with the blooming sun

gleaming with the stream



how to catch a church mouse


how to catch a church mouse  (  ffuts citcadid  )

as a rubber ball, if falling

on a breeze as colds

sneezing from the tors of moorlands

to the bogs of wolds

in the church's dirt they're lurking

chewing on a pew

running through the organ's organs

as the buggers do

shitting on the vicar's hymn books

pissing in the font

nibbles on communion crackers

in their restaurant

sweetly sleep the congregation

dreams of cakes & doves

sit with nimble, ninja fingers

wear a pair of gloves

as the waxen candles flicker

phantom flaps of flame

grab as fattened cats are napping

play the bloody game