doctor harold shipman’s lonely hearts club band


doctor harold shipman’s lonely hearts club band ( dnab bulc straeh ylenol s’nampihs dlorah rotcod )

best before august

sixteen forty four

friends of the bend

in the fork on the lane

rain between sleet

come a quarter to three

chequered like chess

west in a vest

east up a tree

alder or rowan

i’m in the attic

laughing with the cobwebs

whence is it spring?

when the soil uncoils

crocus not locust

feasts for the eyelets

fly, little owl

tawny or barn

glow with the flow

bark in the darkness

written by ghosts

( inklings of squid )

god is a parsnip

she is a plum

definitions of a poems


definitions of a poems ( smeop a fo snoitinifed )

the journal squirms of dead old men

& spinsters with cobwebs for knickers

the gruel of school, designed to bore

the speak of sleep – & so we snored

with purple spurts & shapes of beige

an open toad upon a page

that no one reads, a dull-de-sac

a sack of shit, a bag of cack

or magic beans for cabbage folk

a cattle prod, an egg, a yoke

a floating ghost or cheese on toast

the tapered tones of nature’s notes

a sort of door, a funky key

the apes & scrapes of monkey me

a letter stuck with music’s glue

( parcelled to parts unknown )

the gaps between the cracks in clouds

a scribble in – & out the other

a shooting star of trar-luh-lar

the lucid dreams of prose in a coma

the twisted lists of brevity’s rants

the ants in pantomime’s pants

the life & times of baa, baa, baa

rhyming, if inclined

& shining like a shining thing