to do in feb


to do in feb  (  bef ni od ot  )

walk the dog as catkins naps

trudge the cusp of blossoming

spot a crocus in the snow

feel the breeze of winter's sting

prance the dance of daffodils

jig with pixies in a ring

sweeten tea as serpents stir

bird the blurs & sing til spring


snippet up


snippet up  (  a n  a s s o r t m e n t  o f  s u n d r i e s  )

ring bell for service

when we were elves

pebble dashed wednesday

quarter past pine nuts

raspberry ripples

i want your rabies

oliver cromwell

rain on the glass roof

pen in the morning

peter the goatherd

marmalade marching

squirms in a cancan

sodium gnosis

sir humphrey davey

lumps in the gravy

is this the real life?

is this just fantasy?

parlez-vous français?



wet then


wet then  (  a  p o e m  )

cloud shroud

duck cluck

grey daze

tick tock

green boot

quench drench

blue vue


pike dyke

squid ditch

quaff trough

clip clop

sea saw

tor roar

mud thud

ship dock

drain brain

sweep street

nurse earth

pit stop

black crack

cat fish

frog dog

flip flop

hog hop

tap dance

big grin

piss pot

quick step

hen quack

wet then

chip chop


green gleam the gills


green gleam the gills  (  a n o t h e r  c h a i n  o f  t a w t  )

green gleam the gills

pilchard professor

herrings & heather

feathers & quills

feathers & quills

witches with antlers

pandas in panzers

scramble the hills

scramble the hills

eggs in a casket

frogs in a basket

floss on the mills

floss on the mills

eels in the aether

gremlins & easter

squirrels & squills

squirrels & squills

squeeze in a dingle

ringing a pimple

breezing the chills

breezing the chills

sting in the kettles

sing in the nettles

pebbles & pills

pebbles & pills

cat on a sofa

cattle in clover

over & spills

over & spills

otters & lemons

cod in her heaven

green gleam the gills



sing-a-song of pylons


sing-a-song of pylons  (  i t  c a n  o n l y  b e  s p r i n g  )

sing-a-song of pylons

nutter, nurse & birds

twinkles in the ions

butter, whirr & burrs

fingers on a thyme bomb

sputter, burst - & 'erbz

sing-a-song of pylons

nutter, nurse & birds

hymn-a-ring of oxbows

rockets, rats & bats

simmers in the crossbows

knockers, gnats & cats

river tat the bongos

sticklebacks & sprats

hymn-a-ring of oxbows

rockets, rats & bats

whip-a-crack of attic

slipper, snap & loft

spittle in the static

dribble drop & waft

blither in the basket

conifer & croft

whip-a-crack of attic

slipper, snap & loft

jig-a-jog of jodhpurs

potteries & pants

triggers on the trotters

orreries & ants

squiggles in the scholars

glossaries & glance

otters in the tosser

lotteries & dance


( a u t h o r  n o d e s  )

if you see someone

out & about

& you don't know them

& said person is looking in their pockets

don't go up to them

& ask them what they're looking for

- that's nosy & a bit wank


someone did that to me earlier

so i told them fuck off & mind their own business

& they deserved that

( wankers )



& blue doors


& blue doors  (  a  t r u e  s t o r y  )

cobwebs & cobnuts

& green fields & eyesores

roses & noses

& seesaws & sea shores

moonlight & morning

& sunshine & gold straw

rat traps & bat flaps

& hopscotch

the black horse

echoes & yellow

& embers & wild boar

mudflaps & strange ways

& grey days & white floors

trickles & ripples

& whispers & wild roars

rainbows on all fours

in new shoes

& blue doors


squiffy elbows


squiffy elbows ( 6 quatrains of piffle-vest )


feather freckled dinosaurs

finger tingled tidal boars

apple blighted acolytes

chocolate teapot labradors

jackknife island semaphore

junkyard carnage carnivores

serpent laddered stalactites

thunder stumbled underscores

summer sputtered hellebore

mammoth mangled megaspores

silent parrot parasites

peasant pageant petit fours

scrambled eggshell evermore

mustard gas mask guarantors

jagged jawline jacobites

trojan horsefly saddle sore

potion motion sycamore

spiny ivy iron ore

maybe knotted stalagmites

heckled henpecked heretofore

dicey icy sliding doors

drooping soupy superstores

accidental satellites

every twat's a troubadour